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Dr. Megan Smith is a new media artist and designer who bridges physical computing within virtual and augmented reality environments. She is a UBC 2022 Killam Laureate,  Associate Professor in Creative Technologies in the Faculty of Creative & Critical Studies, and Director of the Master of Design. Her practice-based research probes systems for delivering syndicated data through narrative structure and she often works with virtual and augmented reality, Artificial Intelligence image generation, geo-location, live-feed installation, and performance as methods for storytelling. She has shown work internationally for over two decades. Her Canada Foundation for Innovation lab is called the Critical Future Studio/Lab.


Alon Eisenstein

Dr. Alon Eisenstein is an Assistant Professor of Teaching in the School of Engineering. His teaching focus is on technology entrepreneurship and professional development, which includes courses focused on entrepreneurship, communication, leadership, to name a few. Alon is recognized as a global leader in Entrepreneurial Work-Integrated Learning, and is a champion of experiential learning pedagogy. Having background in both natural and social sciences, his philosophy for teaching and for life is anchored in understanding the world through an interdisciplinary lens, with a passion for social and environmental justice. His research interest include understanding how the engineering identity aligns with an entrepreneurship identify, and how such alignment/misalignment impacts engineers’ choice and success in pursuing the entrepreneurship path.


Dr. Kenneth Chau is an Associate Professor in the School of Engineering.  He teaches courses in calculus, electromagnetics, computational electrodynamics, and entrepreneurship. Light is used to understand the origins of the universe, communicate instantly across the globe, and give us insights into our health.  By researching how light can be harnessed and controlled, along with a research team, they are creating technologies that can make our society smarter, safer, and more sustainable. His core research is in electromagnetic modelling and simulation, optical system design, wearable sensors for metabolic monitoring, and immersive visualization technologies.


Richard Aleong

Dr. Richard J. Aleong is an engineering education researcher and interdisciplinary design educator who cares about helping all learners discover themselves, their world, and how they can contribute in meaningful ways.  His dissertation research investigated the ways that educational developers experience disciplinary perspectives in their work as interdisciplinary professionals. In support of his dissertation research, he was awarded the Donnan Fellowship by the College of Engineering. His research and teaching focuses on interdisciplinary engineering learning, human-centered design and collaboration, and educational development for engineering education transformation. Dr. Aleong is committed to designing learning systems and experiences that support all learners in their personal and professional growth.


Ray Taheri

Dr. Ray Taheri received his PhD degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University of Saskatchewan 2002.  From 2003 to 2006 Dr. Taheri worked for industry and carried out research through capacity of a Post Doctoral Fellow, PDF, with IPSCO, Canada.  He is currently a Senior Instructor in the School of Engineering at the University of British Columbia Okanagan.


Ahlam Bavi serves as a Research Assistant in the Master of Design program. Her expertise lies in the application of 3D technologies, design principles, and digital humanities research to digitize cultural heritage. Holding a bachelor’s degree in industrial design with a special focus on human-centered design and design for humanity, she has been a user experience designer for many years, emphasizing universal design principles and incorporating new technologies. Currently, Ahlam is a PhD candidate and in her doctoral research, Ahlam concentrates on advancing accessibility to cultural heritage and safeguarding its significance for marginalized communities through innovative solutions. Outside the academic realm, she channels her creativity as a visual artist, employing 3D printing technology to create mesmerizing sculptures that challenge traditional artistic boundaries.


Staff Contacts

Susan Cripps
Program Assistant

Philip Wyness
Technical Director

Joanne Gervais
Manager, Media Services

Shauna Oddleifson
Communications & Marketing Strategist

Sam Neal
Media Technician

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The Master of Design is an interdisciplinary program that includes curriculum and research stemming from the School of Engineering (Faculty of Applied Science), the Faculty of Creative and Critical Studies, and the Irving K Barber Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

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FCCS is a community engaged faculty whose work combines traditional scholarly and hands-on skills with contemporary technologies.

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